Words and Meaning

How often I am struck by the mutability of the English language.  When I was a child, to be gay was a kind of euphoria and a legend was a story about a superhuman whose existence was unprovable.  Now a gay legend is a mediocre football player with a roving eye in the showers.

Let me be clear, I have no qualm about the benefit of continuing the growth and development of the English language… or any language for that matter.  However, when the meanings of words are changed over time, then we compromise our ability to maintain our understanding of what has gone on before this moment, the ever present now.

If I were able to control language, then the simple rule would be that once a word comes into existence then its meaning shall be retained forever as the meaning it had at the time of its creation.

This is particularly important in the area of law, especially contract law.  When a layman reads a legal document, they are quite likely to believe that they comprehend the meaning of that document, while the reality of the legal enforceability of that document will be quite different.  The most important element of reading any contract is to ensure that the definition of each word is understood either by reading the definitions of terms provided explicitly in the document or where such definitions are not provided, by consultanting Black’s Law Dictionary http://thelawdictionary.org or an equivalent.

In this blog, my aim is to use words which have unambiguous meanings.  Since I am doubtful that I will be perfect in this regard, I welcome the comments of readers with suggestions of word changes which improve my objective of eliminating ambiguous words.  For example, my preference is only to use the word “cool”  when referring to temperature.

Part of this way of thinking comes from the concepts outlined by a collective called “The Chronicle Project” with the website http://www.thechronicleproject.org .  This collective has the view that the original Hebrew language is specifically encoded in a way which makes it immutable… in my world view this is a very fine attribute indeed.


11 thoughts on “Words and Meaning

  1. dennis

    I was up till 3 am going thru sites that lead me to this site and videos and from 3 to 7 thirty am the blow thoughts came out as water flows on a turtle’s shell. It is now the next night and I’m already seeding round two. Editing is my strong suit, is my mantra! Feed back is not only welcomed, It would be cool if as you read this I could hear all your internal commentary, what a shot to the moon (lol) that damn disc of a moon. I could have a recording of all you thoughts as you read each line. My purpose is to become the best communicator I can be to serve my body, my friends and family humanity earth and inner travel as I am not so sure we can travel out of the firmament, or can we, those vast waters that has been separated for us.
    (Dr Pallock) Communicated a reality from 2021 to 2030, developing the minds souls and hearts of our fellow humans, I feels as a part of my calling and I’m being refined every minute very day. its a life style and passion, I’m 49 August 12 however look and feel in my 30’s
    Fortunate enough to of rubbed elbows with some of the top anti aging doctors in the world, and in this amazing circle it is known that 120 is the new 80
    and that the human who will live naturally to 260 plus is already alive
    and by 2042 there will be carbon life and non carbon life living together taking us to over 1000 years of age, sign me up! Life is hard but fun challenging but rewarding sad painful hurtful fucking suck sometimes and yet it that is just a drop in the bucket of the beauty and that felling of awareness connectedness the flow state and wow what a ride this body gives us. by the way the number one thing that the doctors out side the US as pissed about is the US will not let them publish much of their findings.

    wow! to write my thoughts, feelings and views as beautifully as you have, on this site, is a target of mine. your writing is powerful yet you are humble, concerned about the reader and friendly, with such peacefulness.

    With that being said here we go!

    where does one begin, jumping right in

    It has been said that if you believe it is the year 2021 then you are under the mindset which started an estimated 2000 to 6000 years ago.

    From the time of Hebrew and back, writing was bottom right to top left, obviously we now read opposite, however, our brains still read perceive and is programmed by the original style, right to left. As such, when we read words like LIVE = evil and LIFE = efil/evil and LOVE= evol/evil and of course LIVED = devil

    and that where we begin “in the beginning was the word”

    Lucifer is the bringer of light or slowing down atomic structure so slow that it is tangible. There was only knowing and then the NOW was created, which is all things matter. Sprit and thought if you will, would be just a vibrational level we can not detect as physical, many steps higher than light vibration.
    The vibration is extreme and when slowed down to light it forms matter which would create the NOW, this present moment. Particles come from somewhere, I call it the unwomanifested, the 90% of what is, and come together to make matter which is 10% of what is and it is all done in this moment, a trillion times a millisecond, a possible implosion or fusion creating this moment. thus everything lived, all matter would be LUCIFER.

    One of the biggest tricks played on humanity is that we are to ask (asking is a feeling not verbal) of the manifested, which already has attention and is 10% of supply. What we are suppose to be doing is asking (feeling) from the unwomanifested (space in-between the space) which is 90% of what is and is the building blocks, if you will, that created the 10% and is an inexhaustible supply. “open your mouth wide and I will fill it”

    The word SIN comes from archery meaning missing the mark,
    The word SAVE comes from the word “sozo” which truly represents heaven now this time around. This is explained when asked “when is it coming and where,” the kingdom, the reply “its spreed out on earth now and men and women do not see it” and “the kingdom is at hand” as well as “the way to enter into the kingdom is thru the eyes of a young child which I will talk about in a bit. Why is this, why do not men and women see the kingdom, I mean even the 12 disciples, who supposedly was taught by Jesus didn’t even understand it according to their questioning, when and where. This is because we only have three places our attention can be, that I’m aware of, past PRESNT future. The past and future are like Santa Clause they exist but they are not real and we processes existence and what is real in two separate parts of the brain and this is why most can’t see the kingdom, they are in their thoughts which are primarily in the past and future and not present, in the moment the now.
    A more 2021 way to describe it is, there are two matrix
    1, The “Real Matrix” also known as the natural or nature matrix is here now it is tangible and is the Kingdom. (Kings Dome)
    2. The “Fake Matrix” also known as the “Thought Matrix” it exist but it is not real, not tangible. I use the word “fake” for emphasis. The thought matrix this is past and future and for most people represents Hell.

    Pray or prey mens your about to be eaten. Worship is War-ship.
    The word lord comes directly form the word LAW. the scriptures reads the law is my Shepard I shall not want” What law? The law of Vibration and it states to the degree you vibrate at is to the degree one will experience. For example, if you want something then you are vibrating at a frequency of not having it and thus it is kept from the. ” To those who have I will give and to those who have not I will take away.” At first glance this may seem unfair however based on the law of vibration, those who have not are in a poverty mindset thus they grow poverty and for those who have are in a prosperity mindset, this is based on vibration.
    the Ten Commandments originally read what to do and not what not to do, we know our subconscious mind does not (lol) process negatives and is what causes terrible two. the first year of a baby’s life, we hold them, as soon as they start walking the parents who say no don’t stop from the age of one to two, as the child goes after everything, is programmed to speak and act out all the activities they were told not to do. Do not lie programs lying subconsciously, thus the Ten Commandments of what not to do repeatedly, programs the believers to do just that. Pondering the comments made by million “I TOLD them not to do it” and they did it anyway.
    (if this next one cause you not to approve this post please delete any part that might offend) it has been mentioned that the word GOD stand for Gold Opium and Diamonds and the people who control the gold opium and diamonds create a 400 year war plan in detail in a reverse translation, left to right, with many details designed in a reverse code. Further more, Philippians 4:8. commands to think on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, .. and tells us what not to think on, in a scripture close by. If we did this we would have to eliminate most all of the King James.

    . According to the Dead Sea scrolls the word JESUS means the consciousness of a mushroom.

    HARM-ony means peace, Diet = die (there is a belief that cook food is the number one cause of aging and yes I age) Death has the word eat, Hate is ate with a H, appreciate sounds like hate at the end, Believe = be lie, god is a he, heaven starts with he, hell starts with he, and amen a man, ( amen is, I heard the number one false god prayed to on earth and is Egyptian) and every women is the King James is a concubine, trader or original sinner taking of the tree.

    QRST is in the middle of our alphabet CHRIST, “I owe you” or a e I O U for our vowels. I love you backwards becomes “U EVIL I”
    Also, when they played the 26 sounds of our alphabet or ALPHA BETA brain waves are played, Cymatics, that the patterns were ugly broken distorted, and that the reason its called ALPH BETA is because the sounds activate a Beta brain wave function which is 1/2 brain function small brain waves that do not cross hemispheres. did you know there is two dominate states that a human can be in 1/2 brain and whole brain, all humans and there is no in-between. During the 1440 minutes in a day you are either in whole brain or half brain, that is it! 1/2 brain function causes the blood to squees to the extremities, the DNA coil, fight or flight, your right and left hemispheres are not communicating, RNA are like what the fuck and your cells vibrate at a frequency that produces 4 chemicals that for 15 minutes serve you well but after that are taking you out. And there is whole brain function where blood pools in the abdomen, DNA elongate, connected wisdom, right and left hemispheres are communicating, RNA are throwing a party and your cells are vibrating a a frequency that produces 2 chemicals that cause longevity and wellness, the actually fountain of youth.
    Back to
    and when sounds of Sanskrit alphabet were played they created beautiful patterns, Translation our 26 sounds hold a vibrational frequency to summons the “darker” expressions of this realm, and it does not matter about the order of the letters, its the sounds. It is called Spelling we cast spells with our words/sounds, making sentences or SENTENCING, us and those who we cast our intentions on, also knowing that our subconscious mind does not know that anything outside our self exist and apples very thing to us. Making the kid saying “I’m rubber your glue everything you say to me bounces of on me and sticks to you” bong stick as my father added, a universal law of language. In Sanskrit AMA means the dark toxic waste left over from food stuff, un-metabolized waste that cannot be utilized by the body. We use “I am” as God said I am, and when we utter any and all of our sounds we are calling in friction.
    If we were back in the day of Sanskrit making our 26 sounds they would ask us to leave. I feel it is why the Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey was not allowed to be spoken. (side note, there is a 2000 year young bible that on page one says that the 4 letters YHWH or YAHWEH means TETRAGRAMMATON and few years ago scientist to a sphere and sucked a vacuum, as much as possible, and one by one they put one particle, two particles, three four five six particles in the vacuum and they were all random, however, when they put the, either 7th or 9th particle in it formed a tetrahedron and as they put the eight/tenth particle in, it went random again.
    wow! where to go from here!

    pointing to the fabric of our NOW is a tetrahedrongrammaton

    with loving kindness feel free to guide me in any and all of your feelings questions corrections and passion for making me a better communicator of this thing we call life wow! where to go from here!
    wow! where to go from here!

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    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for all your contributions. It seems that we agree that we live in a creation that is entirely electromagnetic in construction. I do have the view that matter is made of variously configured standing waves in the aether… do you share this view? From this model of the Creation, it follows that gravity is fictional, nuclear energy is fictional and its corollaries weak and strong nuclear forces.

      I will respond to all of your comments on the website once I have my head around them. In the meantime, you asked if I would be prepared to edit some of your writings. I would be more than happy to edit one or a dozen pieces and then check your pulse once I had done so. I would make every effort NOT to put my own colour on your writing but there are no guarantees that I have total self awareness. I just sent an email to the address recorded for your comments but the email address was rejected. If you wish to correspond directly please advise how to do so.

      I look forward to your response.

      Kind regards,


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  2. dennis

    ear energy is fictional and its corollaries weak and strong nuclear forces. some have pointed to. for me I flip the script to see what felt more congruent yes I full for a life time, then all sudden in one video a magnetic-electrical world all the equations not only made sense they felt congruentier
    Just like Co2 what the hell, how beautiful is that I can teach that to every kid I n the world
    I was mentally checking my pulse and breathing as I read “and then check you pulse” lol in your above response, it was a pleasure reading it. so fun this is a true comedy laughter from a vibrational sense, and what better way to learn (earn) there are no words to describe it, The look on Jim Cary’s instagram in nature post yesterday describes it, the body literally feels as one, as all 300 trillion cells are in homeostasis vibrating as nature the animals babies me lol and it feels like a snuggle a cuddle from the aether, a friend said they can hide land because all compass of navigation follow magnetic lines which are all. CURVED! that one is fun to think about. lets puddle jump, you know we are going to get to in your and my life time. really its coming the beauty that is coming from the singing all humanity singing the songs of uProsperity this is accomplished because the body is a servo mechanism which mean our cells choose please (our cells ha the word ill in it) the damn English lol our cells choose pleasure over pain, YEAH thank god! GO SERVO
    as this amazing whole brain vibrations is released ( what does that look like – because this amazing simple information is readily available and the internet makes it possible to transmit to EVERYONE bitterly the powers that be slowly they shift to a whole brain function in which one can do no wrong, we are on our way to 100 billion thriving. picture this all the schools hospitals (by the way a 2000unit hospital chain in the US sees 34 million visits.) our schools the infrastructure the hospitals the university the newspapers the media the information that is now taught from top down is THIS the thing we have heard and are spreading Maybe its the Vitality Virus. Picture this
    starting 2022 January first all schools are now taught with the following
    1. social empathy 2. social entrepreneur ship 3. Prosperity 4. Kindness
    the media is now reporting a whopping 42% truth


  3. dennis

    yes have you got timer for one more trainy
    anyway I enjoy calling this very focused whole brain function world the GlitterVerse and it is Based in Plant another world in the Glitter Verse we give animals a break for a while. lmoa we are going to give the animals a 100 yer break from us eating them and then we turn it on bacon… that shit is funny Back on Bacon we start eating them again. the animal would be so confused. I really am laugh out loud.
    mentor me I have never had a mento personally, I have been mentored daily for almost 49 yers however never ” Yo, Mentor or I guess what I am asking issei’s to be in the presence of a great one long enough to shake the few ugly habits I surf, left form the wave of creation august 12 1972 10:05pm. I have lived an amazing life I feel stuck in a soup bowl of amazing flavors and programed yummies but at 49 my body is speaking to me and the salt, co2, full bio chemical signature foods, grounding via sun moon earth trees meditation which is actually a 24 hour day lifestyle whole brain flow, I have had pain oh the pain emoticon only and mostly because of I’m a goober and identical twin who didn’t know loneliness until I got married. I me Rachel she 7 me 9 at check point 13 and 15 we swopped gum behind the church building @ 19 and 21 we married with 2 month Amber, 26 years of marriage and Jan 1st 2020 Married no more! I thanked her for bing so strong we literally heard “my divorce didn’t go like that” as we held hands going in and literally skipped on the way out of the court house. a divorce is actually very inexpensive. I am actual 1 1/2 years old in this world of many woman and men who “are all sexually” me the was activated in me for so long it is total change. when someone likes me I saw “hey lets see if we can build something and for 6 months we hold hands cuddle but nothin sexual for 6 months, they don’t like it. I am on a ten year quest and am to mature in the ways of women, men even for that matter when it comes to relations and sexuality. I’m 48 and require training in the easy of the I want your body energy and hell I don’t even know what I’m talking about any more. I do know this is the first time in my 50 years that I have had no-one right next to by body everyday all the time for a lifetime this Dennis identity body mind and soul choose to (frank what do you call it when one goes from their trains of 0-12 years of parental and social training of how to eat sleep (they didn’t even get sleep right) rewiring all the teaching beliefs of that the doctors touch us the economics they touch us the hygiene they taught basically like this site unprogramming reprograming basic fundamental teaching that when learned lighten the load cure the dis ease and bonds the lonely the lost the ungrounded
    what is your way of asking describing and organizing what a mento or mentoree looks like, lets say in the glitter verse false positive do not accuse because there is not testing


  4. dennis

    checking into the email and yes speaking would be amazing I fear my loose tongue is more silly than my writings in this blogs here. another words channeling streams of how I really feel and truly are rather than my old north Alabama 1972 poverty upbringing. lol


  5. dennis

    Frank some of my writing is stream of consciousness and other are focused on the topic or a topic. these are the writings that could be edited and priced together. utilizing your post to inspire, activating sparking me, and the reply as the catcher of my writings. I write a lot just never published I write a lot on almost everything, my favorite is walls
    with your approval
    I also think the greatest book every written is turned into animation and posted on all platforms masterfully and all at (ounce of salta day) once in the style of each social media platform. reaching the popular with most efficiency. and it only 7 pages


    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      Hi Dennis. I think that the implicit/explicit model is next for you. How many of the models you have only operate at the subconscious level and how can you bring them to the conscious level?


      1. dennis

        yes i have received the emails coolieo
        and implicit and explicit models uhhhhh must know more
        how would you suggest I carry on in this implicit and explicit world
        what are your thoughts based on the writing so far. also Frank I love feed back, suggestion, guidance and down right straight forward “your wrong or that’s silly and how about this” I am here 142% here to learn grow and become an avatar that is there for all who choose.
        implicit and explicit ???????


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