The Great Unwashed

While I was throwing the ball for our dog on his walk this morning (he has me well trained), I was struck by his shiny clean coat and his vigour and vitality… all achieved WITHOUT the use of soap, detergent, shampoo, deodorants, razor blades, shaving cream, toothbrush, hair dye, hair conditioner, perfumes, creams or lotions.

It has now been several years since i switched to oil pulling and flossing rather than brushing my teeth… this has proved entirely successful… and I have not required dental treatment for several years.  It is now a long time since I used soap, shampoo, hair conditioner or deoderant.  More recently, I have taken to reducing the frequency of showering… in effect I would probably be showering less than weekly.

For deodorant i used bicarbonate of soda.  I also dose my socks with bicarbonate.  In both cases this has been completely successful in the elimination of unpleasant body odour.

I have taken the time to share this with the reader for this simple reason… I have demonstrated that one can mix it with civilised society without the use of “hygiene products”.

It seems logical that the use of these techniques by the great unwashed would result in a very valuable reduction in environmental degradation and a massive improvement in community health.

It makes me smile to think of that future when Unilever just can’t sell a single item and to realise just how much of “work” is utterly without reason.

I would enjoy reading the thoughts of others on this topic…

7 thoughts on “The Great Unwashed

  1. duplika

    I still rememeber when I had dandruff, testing every kind of shampoo until I read about the New German Medicine and discovered it might be related to an active DHS, which hopefully is being solved now.

    Just read all of your articles, thanks for sharing your valuable information Frank.


    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      Hi Duplika,

      I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my website and to comment. I wrote the “great unwashed” page 3 years ago and I can only reiterate my thoughts of that time. I must now be approaching eight years of not using “hygiene” products.

      I can report that I have not required any dental care since 2011 and that I have not brushed my teeth for at least that length of time. One improvement that I have made to this regime is mix bicarbonate into coconut fat to make an underarm deodorant. The very best of British concerning your dandruff. This is not medical advice but perhaps you could try using your own urine as a scalp treatment.

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      1. duplika

        Thanks for your reply!

        I wished there was more content like yours, specially in other languages like spanish. Hopefully more free time ahead to be able to translate, or maybe collect some “easy howto make your own deodorant with bicarbonate and coconut fat” and localize it, linking to exact shops that sell the required products.

        Salt is a big one! I was aware of flat earth and new german medicine, but salt came out of surprise! I still remember when I was a child and elders explained salt was used as money before, that’s why it’s considered bad luck to drop it on the table. Then WTF happened in between that it’s considered harmful now?!?!

        Wonder you never stop learning on this plane. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experience, the best from Argentina.


      2. anounceofsaltperday Post author

        Bicarbonate of Soda is readily available from any supermarket and is quite inexpensive. Coconut fat/oil is also very easily found. Place a couple of tablespoons of coconut fat in a suitable jar held in a sink filled of warm water. The coconut fat will melt easily. stir in the the bicarbonate (Bicarbonato de soda) until there mix is like putty. When it cools it will be a mushy solid. This will become like putty again when held in your hands


  2. Dennis Nicholson

    read slowly
    Brilliant that was more fun than the last one! because it was the second time it happened. (for any first time readers, listen – purple is royal red and the first 5 headings, on this site, that I dove into, was like sky flying 120 miles an hour through the lightest cloud sunbeams) this is my second day and second comment. and here is how I felt after just 16 minutes.
    siting as an infant, skydiving once again into franks style of passing information. its humble gentle a master communicator and broadens the horizons of all who participate WHY WHAT WAS THAT WHAT IS THAT as topic you never knew were even topics.
    what the hay !
    these are relaxing pools of enjoyment

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  3. dennis

    a reminder once mentioned Dr Pallock’s research on H302 where hydrophilic surfaces create a zone of supercharged ions, a collection of magnetized ions said to be negatively charged, a zone where more negative ions build, this applies to our universe and our heart (earth) as well we live in a two dimensional universe and scientist know where in-between the eye and the brain the 3rd di men sion is added.
    when what
    the 2 d universe is full of negative ions and more negative ions, and the more negative ions collected generated that coalesce a more positive the experience ( whole brain function) more negative ions are present the closer to a hydrophilic surface is represent. our Torus field has a flat center plan that is a hydrophilic surface that is greatly demonstrated by Dr Pallock and his students work. when he put a plan or a sphere of a hydrophilic surface in h2o/ in water, it showed the science behind how the firmament is generate, our 2d negative and more negative ions exist and its purification processes work, and when his students put in a hydrophilic tube he now demonstrates how the blood moves and is pumped through our bodies. The heart would have to be a million time the size to push all those blood cells through the capillaries. also for the first time is our recent history or herstory Dr Pallock’s work gives us the science behind how clouds form. also shown that infrared light increases the zone known as the Exclusion zone, because in that heavily rich negative ion charged magnetically electrical charged area pushes most undesirables to the extremities where there is said to be a positive charge.
    On a wellness note our bodies love we love waterfalls and sunsets gazzillions of negative ions power up and hold a grip on the joy stick of a body, pull back because whooooroooo its a world of a ride. Grounding has a measurable .2 when grounded and 2 to 4 when ungrounded and 7 to 9 when holding a cell phone and not grounded, literally to earth. even if you hold seven I phones and you have one foot one the dirt, you will read .2, your body channels the over charged flow straight to the ground by passing your body, becoming ungrounded it will jump to 7 8 or 9 which is way grater especially when the accumulative accumulates day after day.

    Off to New York see ya November 11 ( here is what really happened – the powers that b, if you will, announced the replacement of the two old ass twin tower, the city was clear, stages were constructed and all around the world they watched as an empty prepped city gave way to a fun, lets see if we can ( practice in a real city setting) and run several planes into them testing things, and hell who knows many other thing as the building became a game/ learning to see what we can do to them with as little damage to the surrounding environment and bam even the direct waves from an magnetic electric devices, where molecules are unbounded, we get to practice on how to take down cities that no longer serve us, with little collateral damage, no lives lost and quiet the contrary we grew learned and people thrived because of the 9 11 exercise (in the GlitterVerse view)
    It turns our view of the future into unity and prosperity as we now have tech that can simply build and dismantle any city in the world. that’s what really happened 9 11
    plus they unrolled the newest wave of magnetic electrical power grid, opened up the oil and gas as each human learn the new tech releases all requirements for “Fossil” fuels.
    well now what kind of world would we be in, well I will tell you one that takes us to 100 billion thriving with efficiency and social empathy and social entrepreneurship, the wave of the future

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