The Fear of Death

This is the ultimate control tool.  My personal experience is that for as long as I can remember I have been taught to fear death and, in this way, I have been taught to fear living.

It has been a cunning plan really.  My great grandparents and grandparents and parents were kept unbalanced by world war one and world two, quickly followed by the threat nuclear annihilation from the so called “Cold War”.

My mother lost her mother to cancer not long after she was born and was always uneasy with her place in the world.  My fathers father was gassed in WW1 and my father grew up as one of 11 living offspring (13 in total, the two first born were lost to flu in the early 1920’s) in economically flattened Liverpool in the UK.  My father’s father lost his parents at an early age as well, and he and his two brothers were raised in a Catholic orphanage on Merseyside.  So disrupted was this family that they knew little of parenting and relied on the use of fear and bullying to control their unruly mob, just like the priests and nuns taught them to do.

When my parents were raising their children, the anti Christian rhetoric was in full swing, and my parents eagerly endorsed this anti church message, remembering the pain, suffering and hypocrisy that was exhibited by the church in their childhoods.  My education was all about evolution, the renaissance, billions upon billions of stars, nuclear power, nuclear war, AIDS, woman’s liberation, multi culturalism, the Holocaust, the Cold War and what a complete bastard I was because I am a white male.

In recent years, I slowly came to the view that the earth was a unique creation and that a body was simply a vessel for a divine spirit experiencing existence completely dependent upon the earth for its continued well being.  I came to the view that nuclear weapons simply do not exist, that AIDS is a non-existent threat and that more or less none of the information that I have been provided with in the guise of history is anything more than a fairytale.

The path to these views largely came after I made the startling realisation that my body could be made almost superhuman by ensuring that i ingested as much table salt as i could (see my original article on this at ) .

Eventually, I came to realise that there can be no death, that to live without fear, without recklessly giving your life away, results in a much more fulfilling life.  I came to realise that the bible contains much better explanations of my current existence and experiences and than the models proposed by my “educators” and that there is a creator.

The logical aspect of this way of thinking is also quite appealing.  If I am wrong, and all of this is one large cosmic coincidence, and I continue to live my life without fear, then there simply is no downside to being wrong.  This thought always induces a smile.


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