This is a model about how the world is ruled.  The model is based on two data points:

  2.    My own observations and experience of kindergarten, school, university, workplaces, senior        management, boards of directors, governments and NGO’s to date.

Nakhash (the Hebrew word for serpent), according to the Self Defining Hebrew translation of the “fall of Adam”), was the being that managed the project of realising the plans of The Creator.  One can only assume that this being was the Creators trusted lieutenant.  It was this being that, according to the Book of Enoch, was envious of Adam, because The Creator set Adam above the Nakhash, making Adam the Steward of “the Middle Kingdom”… that is, the part where we dwell as Adams, between Heaven and the Underworld.

The Creator gave Adam a totally free hand to run the show.  He gave Adam only two instructions  “All those trees of the garden to eat, proceed to eat.  And that tree, which has knowledge to satisfy and to fear, do not exist to proceed to consume that to be extracting there.  Amid the day your(s) consume that to be extracting is death to continue to death.” Pretty simple really… and Adam and Eve did not even have to be bothered about whether their actions were “good” or “evil”… they had a wonderful adventure ahead of them. They were given a free hand to experiment and play in the Creation and by this play, to develop their own models of the Middle Kingdom and the whole of Creation and seek to understand who, what and where they were.

Let us pause here to consider what the lives of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve would now be like if we had no concept of “good” and “evil”.  We would be assessing whatever situation we were in and we would be analysing, modelling and taking action without fear of retribution, knowing that the Creator completely supported us in everything we did, allowing us to develop better and better models of ourselves and our existence, perhaps with the chance of percieving the very essence of what the Creator had done when he breathed life into the dust from which we are made.

It seems, reading between the lines, that this freedom was more than a little irritating to Nakhash (translated in the KJV Bible as “The Serpent”).  The Serpent used his Jedi mind tricks to conjure within Eve a desire to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, even though the Creator had expressly forbidden it.  It was Nakhash that tricked Eve into believing that a knowledge of “Good” and “Evil” was a desirable outcome.  I, for one, have little doubt that the concepts of “good” and “evil” are completely useless.  Not only, but also, the “knowledge” that was gained from the Tree of Knowledge was never going to be as wonderful as the knowledge that sons of Adam would have picked up from the adventure that the Creator had set out for them.  You can give a man a fish, but isn’t it better to teach him how to fish? or even better, to challenge him to learn for himself?

But by far the biggest problem for Adam was that in disobeying the Creator and obeying the Serpent, he gave up his stewardship of Creation and ceded it to the Serpent, the greatest of all deceivers

And the Serpent has been a pretty tough steward, but the Creator was powerless to do anything about it… until he came up with a bargain.  He sacrificed his only son so that the Sons of Adam could be returned to their rightful place as the Stewards of Creation.

It was this sacrifice that reconciled the Sons of Adam to the Creator and resurrected us from the death that we had endured as a result of our fall from grace.

This model is pretty simple then.  If you understand and accept that you have been reconciled to the Creator then you can commence your stewardship of the Creation…. you can live without fear of your actions being judged as being “good” or “evil”.

But Nakhash, the Serpent, is going to continue to be the deceiver that he always was.  He stills runs the schools, the universities, the institutions, the governments using his beguiled followers.  For those that understand that they are the Stewards, these deceptions have no power.

Why not be a Steward?


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