As a very good friend of mine is fond of saying “Money is not every thing…  it is the ONLY thing”.

Whether we like it or not, money is a fundamental part of the life of every single person that is able to read this website.  A large proportion of the transactions that occur between people involve the use of money and  It is the mechanism by which the people and businesses that live within a country agree, whether implicity or explicitly, to exchange their time, goods and services.  Consequently, it is my view that humans should have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of what money is, how it is created, how it is destroyed  and how it is distributed throughout the community.

Of course, this is not the case.  My personal experience was to have very little understanding of money until well into my forties.  Furthermore, my experience with the other humans that I have come into contact with is that their understanding of money is so poor that I consider them to be monetarily illiterate.  This is not their fault, people are being beguiled by experts, possibly even that most accomplished trickster, Nakhash the Serpent, or Loki or any one of the names of the deceivers of other religions.  It is not my intention here to go into the history of money or a discussion of the spiritual pros and cons.  This discussion simply states the facts about money that I know of and presents a very simply model about its creation and distribution.

Many sovereign countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Poland, China etc have the necessary legal and physical infrastructure to create currency.  In most cases, “the government” of that country has the legal authority to create or delete as much of the currency of the country that they govern as they wish.  This currency is created by the laws of the country and is called legal tender… or… as we often read and hear… by “fiat”… the Latin word for Law.  As such, fiat currency is NOT worthless bits of paper at all.  It is the currency backed by the law of the land.  It is backed by the work, diligence, creativity, commitment and agreement of the people of that land.  Fiat currency does NOT require “backing by gold” or any other such nonsense.  However, a sensible economic entity, such as a country, should jealously guard its right to produce and distribute money throughout the entity and the people involved in that entity should zealously guard and maintain their right to participate in the decision making processes relating to all monetary activities.

The readers should note that, despite the reality that each country does have the legal and moral obligation to create all of the currency it needs to undertake the operations that it choose to, every single country in the world, including China and the individual provinces of China, is in debt.  To what entity those countries owe money the reader should make their own enquiries. One example is that the US Government owes a whacking amount of Federal Reserve dollars to the US Federal Reserve, which is private bank, as well an uncountable amount of USD denominated bonds.

In Australia, the country that I live in, the Government creates money every time it credits the bank account of a legal person or company and destroys money each time a legal person or entity reduces that account to pay one of the many taxes that are levied.  There are some physical notes that are printed, but these are a tiny fraction of the volume of dollars that exist in the virtual world.  In Australia, the only “legal tender” that can be used for the sale and purchase of goods and services within Australia are dollars created by the Commonwealth of Australia.  Up until the arrival of the Rudd Labour Government, the Australian Commonwealth was debt free.  When it ran a deficit, this meant that it spent more money than it received in taxes.  When it ran a surplus, that meant that the Government received more in taxes than it spent.

The Australian Government is not the only entity that is in control of the money supply in Australia however.  Banks increase the money supply by lending money that they do not have to persons and businesses in Australia and, for all I know, overseas.  This is allowable under law and is made possible by a simple accounting trick.  When I borrow, say, $100,000 dollars from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, that entity credits my account by that amount (less whatever fees and other nonsense that I agree to) and creates a matching entry in its own accounts that I make myself obligated to repay, along with “interest payments”.   In this way, the bank has assets and liabilities always in balance, while the “borrowers” have incurred an obligation to repay money which had not even existed prior to the transaction.  The money that i “borrowed” now goes “into circulation” and the money supply is expanded by that amount.   This process has always been in play and is disguised with phrases such as “fractional reserve banking” and other meaningless phrases, none of which have any basis in fact.  The system of credit card debt is exactly the same, with the added benefit of much higher interest rates being required by the banks.  The reality is that the vast proportion of the money supply of Australia is the money created by persons and businesses agreeing to take on obligations to repay banking institutions in the form of loans or credit card debt.  If these loans were repaid then the amount of money in circulation would plummet… probably catastrophically.

Of course, this expansion of the money supply is inflationary.  When the Hawke/Keating government of the 1980’s took steps to massively boost this activity, this inflationary effect was disguised by establishing an environment which encouraged persons to buy and sell houses in a giant Ponzi scheme.  The net result of the activities since this time is that in 2015, the net debt of the various Australian Governments and banking institutions to foreign entities is more or less equivalent to the debt owed by Australian people on the houses that they are buying.

In Australia, the media regularly has stories that imply that the Government does not have enough money to undertake this or that social or agenda item.  While this may be true at the time of writing, the Government of Australia does have the right to create as many AUD as it wishes.   This is also true of the USA, China, NZ, UK and many countries but, interestingly, it is not true of the countries that have signed up to the European Union.  Those countries, for example Greece, are reliant on the EU Bank for the supply of Euros.  Those countries have completely lost control of their right to create currency.  In my view, the abandonment of this right has completely disenfranchised the people of those countries.  They are one more step removed from the path to economic freedom than I am.

The media does, of course, regularly contain stories about how the creation and control of the distribution of money should be removed from under the auspices of the elected government. Piece by piece, inch by inch, cut by cut this is exactly what is happening in Australia, the land the local inhabitants call “Oz”… without the slightest hint of irony.

My view is that this can be simply reversed.  While the political processes within this country are not going to be easy to regain control of, the fact is that the legal systems which are in place allow the people of Australia to elect a government which can simply reestablish its control of that most important of tasks i.e. the creation and control of the Australian Fiat Currency system.


6 thoughts on “Money

  1. Negentropic

    Symbols and metaphor are everything, the root of the root that separates humans from animals, not money, which is a symbol itself. The reason a hue-man being has many hues is because barks and wags of the tail and growls and hisses are not his only metaphors. His metaphors in just sound and movement allow him music, tai-chi, martial arts and various forms of dance, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, John Travolta, Baryshnikov, no man-key has danced. Symbols are only as accurate as their ability to navigate this or that territory of the psyche, inner-directed or outer-in-formed. The less accurate and corrupted symbols become, the harder to accomplish navigation, the more entropy, the more chaos, the more suffering and aging, the more passing of time. Money is a symbol for inner-G (god) that can reshape reality while all matter stays constant. The question is why does reality want to be re-shaped? Why does reality allow mapping of territories in more and more detail but never full equivalence of map and territory or symbol and object.


    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      Hi Negentropic,

      thanks for taking the time to respond to my blog, it is appreciated.

      I can’t easily pick out a thread to your comments… do you generally agree or disagree with the thrust of my post?

      Do you have a view on the possibility of regaining control of currency by the existing political processes?

      I have just listened to your contributions on . I am looking to record discussions on the topics in my blog and would welcome recording something with you. Let me know if you are interested.


  2. Negentropic

    Money is a symbol and representation of inner-G spent in a direction that other hue-mans have, for whatever reason or lack-of-reason, traded their own food-burning/thinking factories to. Therefore money is just another form of in-form-ation and can only be as “honest” as its accuracy in mapping the territory of life and the phenomenon it represents (actual energy spent ‘nature’s way’ and actual wealth created). Only a very tiny minority of h-one-st (attribute of only ONES or individuals as is all more-all-ity) and creative hue-mans (shaded, layered, subtle, tempered-not-compromised) with p-ower (penis-over) kept to one basic principle (non-INITIATION-of force or fraud & immediate defense of violations of NIOF principle with defensive and therefore more-all force), which includes identification as a form of rape the monopolization and weaponization of subconscious-to-conscious programming through the media, can effect positive change that brings joy to the multitudes of less astute thinkers and mappers, each creating and processing metaphors and higher abstractions on their own and therefore qualifying as ‘hue-mans.’ One principle is all people need to understand clearly and apply as consistently as possible to see their responsible free-will in action and therefore their win-win dialectic with all humans who can stand under the same bridge and see their see-will-eye-zation, the wider map and aromas and vibes of their entire culture, often unique enough to demand preservation.

    “Imitation is the result of inadequate information. Information results in change. Change requires energy. Energy is the result of adequate information. Energy is directly proportional to the amount of information about the structure of a system. Norbert Wiener: ‘Information is a name for the content of what is exchanged with the outer world as we adjust to it and make our adjustment felt upon it . . . to live effectively is to live with adequate information.’ 26

    Useful information accelerates change. Redundant information restricts change. If sustained long enough, redundant information finally becomes misinformation, which results in negative change

    In communication theory and the laws of thermodynamics the quantity called entropy is the amount of energy reversibly exchanged from one system in the universe to another. Entropy also is the measure of disorder within those systems. It measures the lack of information about the structure of the system. For our purposes ‘structure of the system’ should be taken to mean ‘the human condition,’ the universal subject of aesthetic activity. Entropy should be understood as the degree of our ignorance about that condition. Ignorance always increases when a system’s messages are redundant. Ignorance is not a state of limbo in which no information exists, but rather a state of increasing chaos due to misinformation about the structure of the system.

    The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is constant: it cannot be created or destroyed; its form can change, but not its quantity.

    The Second Law states that the amount of energy within a local system is naturally entropic–it tends toward disorder, dissipation, incoherence. And since energy is defined as ‘capacity to rearrange elemental order,’ entropy, which runs counter to that capacity, means less potential for change. We’ve learned from physics that the only anti-entropic force in the universe, or what is called negentropy (negative entropy), results from the process of feedback. Feedback exists between systems that are not closed but rather open and contingent upon other systems. In the strictest sense there are no truly ‘closed’ systems anywhere in the universe; all processes impinge upon and are affected by other processes in some way. However, for most practical purposes, it is enough to say that a system is ‘closed’ when entropy dominates the feedback process, that is, when the measure of energy lost is greater than the measure of energy gained.

    The phenomenon of man, or of biological life on earth taken as a process, is negentropic because its subsystems feed energy back into one another and thus are self-enriching, regenerative. Thus energy is wealth, and wealth according to Buckminster Fuller is “the number of forward days a given system is sustainable.” Biologist John Bleibtreu arrived at a similar conclusion when he noted that the concept of time can best be viewed as a function of the Second Law of Thermodynamics–that the measure of entropy in a system is a measure of its age, or the passage of time since the system originated. In other words, the degree of a system’s entropy is equal to redundancy or stasis whereas its negentropy is equal to kinesis or change. So information becomes energy when it contributes to the self-enriching omni-regenerative wealth of the system. When it’s not contributing (i.e., redundant) it is allowing the natural entropy to increase.” — Gene Youngblood, “Expanded Cinema” (1970)


  3. Dennis

    I went straight to the comments, I have no idea what your going to say in the above writings, however I’m looking forward to it and finding what comes out of me from reading it…. I know my old program my new ones and the ones being developed are nurtured , now im headed back to the top of the page to start reading see ya in a few
    well I’m back, I jumped to the top read “money is the only thing” and came right back, money is my path Money is our ability or the only thing, if we did not have ability we would just be. no ability means not even the ability to hold the cells together to live, our developing ability is everyone and I mean everyone has money and can never run out of it. now the Financial currency coins paper with green ink on it and even digital cards/coins which are just 1’s and -1’s running a program most call this money.
    back to the top, lets see how far I can read before I’m back. Just finished!
    wow just going to read it again in full. but first on my way down here I saw

    3 thoughts on “Money”

    1. is my friend and how to win the lotto without playing it ,,,

    2. Dennis the non menace judge this book by its cover ,,,

    3. money is ability, mentioned, how does one monetize ability

    going back to top reread…..

    I’m back it has been 23 seconds I could help it
    Money money his and hers is an inside job its a view of how what when where trained laboric (new word) energy for most, a a small part of society live with this stream of income larger than life, money generates more money generating money (capital ) way in excess of any spending. What feels heart chakra and open it feels natural is we all have create a society where we can come and go as we choose we live beautifully as for all of humanity and each of our cells as well even saving investing buying stuff spending exchanging which causes a person to feel either whole brain prosperity and the one who haven’t learned it 1/2 brain poverty, will always be right there too. there is no in-between that I have found, I’m open to possibilities. abundant or poverty poverty is 1/2 brain always and prosperity is whole brain always, the redone pay per hour, one is limited by time when the unlimited potential in the being is worth the universe, play. our value is the projection of 7 billion beings living with equal rights
    yeah! like that humanity!
    do you know how easy it is to feed 7 billion people, with cultivation alone in the US, 7 billion is just a drop in the bucket, we are thriving at 100 billion, we have the tech to clean up the place, we have the magnetic-electrical way of seeing, bring the future Now! our nutrition has sky rocketed and this is the most peaceful time in human history (herstory) according to a few studies, we are becoming and yes Entropy is quite the ride, a system “breaking down to reorganize” kinda fells like what is going on in the world. However wanna know what is super fun, really when one realizes that the good side of life is always there and its is right next to and holding hands with the not so good side of life. for me my pain is I require extensive dental work and don’t know what to do, or rather haven’t generated the dental guru who can mastermind a grill like mine. my mom lost all her top teeth when she was 17 after me and my identical twin brother were born. He has been on a 16 year walk about we haven’t heard or seen from him physically kinda brave really brave. he was never married, and studied with an 8 generation Shaolin monk 2 and 1/2 years and
    next in line lol. Money? I would Dtox really! 3 months my body requires it!!!
    during the last 31/2 years of travel and family the multitudes of places families friends strangers that I have stayed with has provided a bounty of foods stuffs, and its fun easy simple to enjoy, the price on the body my body is saying detox and balance the biochemical energy with full biochemical foods grounding sun gazing. Glitter Verse for a mentor! course womantors and I would like to give a hug and warm embrace to each and everyone
    have you been asking for a mentoree,
    brilliant Negentropic~~ simply brilliant got to read it again, the way you used entropy, uhhh.

    side note, we say a trend where people were showing microfibers in mask and cotton swabs in test kits and zooming in the microfibers were visible in the mask and test kit for covid, and we kept going and they are in lots of our paper and cotton product toilet paper, napkins, q-tips, flap cotton rounds for face cleansing, in everything we had. what are these micro fibers.

    as you can tell my style of writing makes it hard to write a book, I could speak in front of a crowd or interviewed on pod cast and then it could be edited and written into many different mediums, books , podcast email and how to ebook, the recording could also be turned into video clips.
    Dude thinking I’m just going reread, its so much fun, frank you attracted great communicators

    I almost feels like Gene is saying our systems so full of Redundant info that the entropy that is happening requires a “out of entropy view” and as that goes on in the master mind board rooms Frank your original comments apply fully. and who every is creating the “money” has to follow the Way!

    most people are tough poverty mindset even if they are loaded and
    anytime a banking institution is over the Currency for the people and not the people over the currency for the country, well! Another way it can be looked at is “the government is like the goose that laid the golden egg, and better a fat goose than no goose at all. Change the abilities of humans from know on our inter net and our outer net combine and the actually frequency cause shifts that we could never imagined. Quickly smoothly and yes vastly and roughly at times and slowly it feels sometimes.
    2021 what a year

    it is 4:22 am please feel free to make changes edits suggestion ideas that might expand the things I typed and new information that comes up, any thought or questions for me about me an will answer them all.


  4. crickwall

    Hi Frank,
    just to say I appreciate your level headed view of money, it put me at ease. I’m no economist but what you write makes simple sense to me, a working person, especially that Euros are one (more) step removed from their sovereignty. of course they are, alas.
    In fact I find your entire site, which I’m going over for only the second time, to be both informative and calming, so I must thank you for putting it all together.
    Chris A.
    ps, Incidentally, I do often hear you on fakeologist. Unfortunately I am one of legion who hasn’t caught up with the live show, but I am moving steadily in that direction, and may even get there this month.
    cheers from the District of Columbia


    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      Hi Chris A, a thousand thanks (tusen takk) for your kind feedback, it is greatly appreciated. It is interesting to me that you use the phrase “legion” because I have spending a lot of intellectual effort into the biblical story of “Legion” in Mark 5 KJV. This story highlights an aspect of our world which is simply not discussed in contemporary churches viz, the existence of demons and the means of dealing with their menace.

      I would be interested in your comments on that story.



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