All people operate on models… most of them are implicit.  So implicit that the person is simply not aware of them.

My model is that converting my implicit models into to explicit models will maximise my chances of understanding what my existence is about.

2 thoughts on “Implicit/Explicit

  1. dennis

    My model is that converting my implicit models into to explicit models will maximise my chances of understanding what my existence is about.

    I feel as I do the above that it will allow me more of the FUN while I am on the journey of existence and that it is about me becoming the best me I can be in order to serve my body mind and soul, then all humans, earth and inner galactic travel (can we go out Side the firmament) inner earth and outer earth. and I believe your existence is the beauty you bring the tears you have cried and will cry, the pope need you, the mob requites you and the one world order is asking for a few Muse and I believe you qualify
    they said the only thing they have found in nature to lengthen telomeres is SERVICE, what how fun is that service to self to others to earth, joy to the world the “new born”
    one of the most kid like views of our plane is there is a sun way over there, aside ours and it also melted out a pond a way over there, and it is most impossible to go there the 2 mile high plato of ice is to thick for even radar, to get there over not yet, and is felt that under the ice is most efficient. thus I call it puddle jumping and I may be one of the first (well I might wait until they are experienced in it, lol I’m an adventurer but the more I ponder I don’t have to be the first to puddle jump ponds.

    that’s it meeting explicit and implicit meeting shaking hands then homeostasis at its finest


  2. D

    implicit is the thought matrix I think
    explicit is the expression in to the real matrix or the experiences caused by the implicit mental processes which is a subjective life that emerges

    well I read a little more and I may have missed it a little if not a lot



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