Finity and Behind

(suitable music reverberates)  The Earth: the final frontier. These are the voyages of a human organism. Its fifty six-year mission: to explore this strange new world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where many men have gone before. (Soundtrack ends with the unmistakeable whoosh of the ubernuclearoverwarpdrive)

All of my life I have been told that I live on an almost spherical ball that circles an enormous nuclear powered sun that is one of countless stars in a galaxy that is one of the countless galaxies in the universe… and that is just in this dimension…

In recent years, I came across the logic of Malcolm Bowden and his elegant synthesis of three very famous and one rarely mentioned experiment that clearly demonstrate that the Aether exists and that the earth does not move.

The Michelson Morley Experiment

Airy’s Failure:

The Sagnac Experiment:

The Michelson Gale Experiment

Malcolm Bowden is, in my opinion, a very perceptive and influential man.  In his review of the “scientific establishment”  ( ) he writes “Realising the important role the Royal Society would play in the future of the nation, it was deliberately targeted by anti-Christian forces.  Their technique was to laugh loudly if a speaker mentioned God or referred to the Christian faith.  In the 1720’s a so called “infidel club” led by Martin Folkes (“a prominent Freemason” says Wikipedia) arose in the RS and he was elected President in 1741.  By 1778, the takeover was complete.  Now note not only the method used (ridicule – still used today) but also the time that the takeover took; 1660 to 1778 – 118 years!  This gives some indication of the long term aims of these people – aims that can stretch over several generations – in dogged pursuit of complete control over a nations affairs, all carried out by hidden subversion.”

Malcolm Bowden classifies himself as a “geocentrist”.  He considers the world we live on to be the centre of the Universe and the creation of a Christian God.  He also shares the view that the world is a globe.  I do not share this view.

The model that the world we live in is a near spherical globe is disproved by simple observation… see the tab SPHERICITY.   I will provide some links at the end of this note for the reader to explore in their own leisure, but I will put down some indisputable realities.

No engineer undertaking any major or minor civil engineering project makes any corrections to their surveying calculations to take into account the purported curvature of the earth.  Not one. Not a single large scale open pit mine, not a single bridge, building, canal or huge open air or underground aqueduct.  In fact, in British Law it is FORBIDDEN for any surveyor to make a correction to survey data on the basis that their is a curvature in the earth.   Trainee pilots are taught to maintain straight and level flight by noting where the horizon is with respect to the windscreen cockpit because IT NEVER CHANGES IN STRAIGHT AND LEVEL FLIGHT no matter what altitude the plane is.  If the earth was near spherical and light travelled in straight lines this would be impossible.  When viewed through powerful telescopes, ships do NOT disappear over the horizon as they sail away from port.

My intention in this page is not to discuss the shape of the world we “live” on however.  My aim here is to draw attention to the most interesting point of Malcolm Bowden’s wonderful work, to wit, that the world we inhabit is the centre of the creation.  By establishing this fact, Mr Bowden has demonstrated that this world is NOT an insignificant speck of dust among billions and billions of similar worlds.  This world is the very epicentre of the universe we observe and we human beings are living in the very epicentre of existence and that we are the focus of its creation.

If you are interested in reading more about some alternative models for the shape of the world we live in I have provided a few links below.  I suggest that readers approach them all skeptically, but particularly the Flat Earth Society, which seems to be more interested in controlling discussion than encouraging discourse.

Click to access samuel_rowbotham_-_zetetic_astronomy_1ed.pdf


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