The title of this page is really “Emotions and the Cultivation of Detachment”… but of course, that is too long a title for tab.

My experience has been that, on the whole, emotional behaviour of any kind results in an adverse outcome for humans.  I don’t intend to dwell too much on arguing this model in detail as I am sure that most readers can provide themselves with examples of the detrimental outcomes for people that express anger, fear and frustration.  I would argue that joy, happiness and euphoria are equally detrimental modes of human behaviour and I am equally sure that, with a little more thinking, the reader will also be able to provide themselves one or more examples of this emotional response as well.

In brief, the model that I have found to be very helpful to me is that if I control my emotional responses, I am more effective in dealing with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune than I am if I allow an emotional response.  Furthermore, my personal experience is that since adopting this model and effecting a simple method to control my emotional responses, all aspects of my life have improved considerably.

The reader will notice that i wrote that the BEHAVIOUR is the problem, not the emotions.  It seems that an emotional reaction to stimuli is inbuilt into the temporal vessel of our divine spirit.  We can no more eliminate emotions than we can eliminate breathing.  An emotional reaction indicates that something has happened which conflicts with your view of yourself, another person or the workings of the world.  Emotional pain can be more disabling than physical pain, while euphoria can result in reckless disregard for the self and others.

However, we are blessed with an overarching intelligence which does allow us to prevent this emotional stimulus being translated into an emotional response or worse, emotional behaviour,

I control my emotional response by using a simple, blunt and crude Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) mantra… to wit “I have no emotions, my emotions are completely shut down”.

If you are a person that is being regularly tested by your emotionality, why not try some time on the other side of the fence with the aim of establishing which side has the greener grass?


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  1. Crysta Patterson

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