Dear reader,

most likely, if this is your first time reading this site, you view the world that you live in as a fragile, dangerous and threatening place and that you are the most insignificant of the insignificant specs of carbon based life on an insignificant spec of dust in a vast and ever expanding cosmos of billions of billions of galaxies containing billions upon billions of star systems under the ever present threat of imminent extinction caused by ne’er do well intelligent alien life, asteroids, comets, ebola, AIDS, nuclear Armageddon, ISIS, cancer or the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.

In this website one presents a very different model of your current situation for your consideration. The reader is given notice that I have had no medical training, and nothing written here shall be construed as medical advice.

That model is that you live in the middle kingdom on a vast unmoving plain supported on four pillars with the Kingdom of Heaven above the firmament and the Kingdom of Sheol below you.   This middle kingdom was built by Nakhash (called “The Serpent” in the King James Bible) using the design and knowledge provided by his and our creator, Yahavaha.  Yahavaha had already separated the waters above and below the middle kingdom to make Heaven and Sheol.  Yahavaha then created Adam in his own image from the dust of the earth and breathed life into that creation.  He took a piece of Adams body (a rib?) and from this he created Hava (Eve).  Yahavaha made Adam the steward of the Middle Kingdom and did not judge Adam or Hava for the actions they undertook as stewards. There were only two rules: Eat the fruit of the Tree of Life and do not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Nakhash, it seems, was very unhappy with being put into second place by Yahavaha.  So unhappy that he beguiled and tricked (coincidentally the Hebrew word for this is NASA) Hava into breaking one of Yahavaha’s laws… quite serious really since that was exactly half of the law of the day. Yahavaha expelled Adam and Hava from Eden, turned Nakhash from the highest heavenly being into a snake and put guards in front of the garden.  Unfortunately, he could not undo the greatest tragedy… for in the act of obeying Nakhash, Adam transferred his sovereignty of the Middle Kingdom to Nakhash.. making Nakhash the Prince of the Earth. Life was pretty miserable for the sons and daughters of Adam for 5,000 years of so.  The Prince of the Earth is a cunning, deceitful, spiteful and embittered creature.. not only that, he built the Middle Kingdom and knows how it works like the back of his hand. This is the part that gets interesting.  About a thousand years ago, the messiah promised in the Torah, the Lamb of Yahavaha, Yeshua or Jesus Christ in English, arrived on the scene to provide access to the creator. When the Lamb was sacrificed, the sons and daughters of Adam were reconciled back to Yahavaha… PROVIDED that those sons and daughters accepted that the sacrifice had occurred on their behalf and provided redemption. And that is where we are today.  Those that accept that the sacrifice has occurred are reconciled to Yahavaha and simply have need to ask for his protection and favour and they shall receive it.  For those who don’t accept that this sacrifice has occurred then Nakhash is still their Prince.

Furthermore, that the existential threats mentioned above simply do not exist… that they are entirely fabricated deceit… and that the only damage that can be done to you is the harm you inflict upon yourself or other spirits when you take action based on the beLIEfs you have as a result of being deceived.

And this above all… you are the most significant aspect of your existence… and one is recommending that you remain sceptical of all “knowledge” which has been “given” to you by our putative authorities.  In otherwords, believe no thing and rely on your own judgement in sorting the wheat from the chaff in the field of ideas.

To support the views expressed above I make the following observations which will alert the reader to significant difference in existential assumptions between myself and that reader.

The first of one’s personal observations is the realisation that our atmosphere, the combination of gases which sustains life on our planet CANNOT  be in direct contact with the “infinite, near perfect vacuum of space” as I have been led to believe.  This means that there cannot be a Copernican style “Solar System” and consequently death by asteroid collision cannot occur.

The second important personal observation that one has made is that The average sea level datum of all parts of “the earth” is not a sphere (nor is it an oblate spheroid) with a radius of 6,370km… approximately.

The third important personal observation is that Natrium, otherwise called sodium chloride or, more commonly called table salt is not, in fact, a deadly poison, but is instead the key nutrient to the maintenance of a long and healthy life.  Salt drives the major processes of the body including, but by no means limited to, breathing (the chloride shift), digestion (hydrochloric acid), prevention of illness (internal alkalinity) and hydration.

The fourth important personal observation is that direct exposure to sunlight is vital to human existence and that sun avoidance increases the risk of premature death, with vitamin D deficiency reaching epidemic proportions in the Anglosphere.

The fifth important personal observation is that the model of illness as being the result of “infections” from virusii and bacteria is incorrect and that illness is caused by malnutrition and from dysfunctional mental processing.  The diseases known as AIDS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Zika virus, Mad Cow Disease and numerous other “epidemics” are entirely a figment of the imagination.

The sixth important observation is the experiments of Airy, Michelson Morley, Sagnac and Michelson Gale clearly demonstrate that there is an Aether and that the world is not moving in the Aether.  This means that “Einstein’s Theory of Relativity” (both Special and General) is incorrect and therefore E does not equal MC2 and therefore nuclear weapons do not exist.  Further consideration of the absurdity of nuclear weaponry is provided here.

The seventh most important observation is that there is no lack of resources on the earth for mankind.  With only the slightest of behavioural changes, the (alleged) 7 billion people that live on earth today could be comfortably and fashionably housed in luxurious homes and barely make a dent in the wilderness.  It is simply the profligacy of our lives and the mistaken idea that there is insufficient money which creates our modern chaos.

By far the most significant personal observation that one has made is the acceptance of the model that one has been reconciled to Yahavaha (The Creator) by the sacrifice of his only begotten son, combined with a request for guidance, protection and assistance from The Creator results in a most satisfying experience of the living creation.  One’s personal experience that when one asks the Creator for his protection, his assistance or his guidance then it is freely given.  The Creator has been very generous to me and one is grateful.

This website seeks to capture my views on how to develop a healthy body, mind and spirit with the aim of attracting contributions from other people on this fundamental topic and sharing that thinking with anyone and everyone that takes the time to read the site.

The health model is simply that all ill health stems from malnutrition… the lack of something or other.  To obtain nutrients from our food, we must be able to digest the food we eat.  To digest the food we eat, we need to be able to produce enough hydrochloric acid in sufficient quantities to denature most proteins and activate the peptides and enzymes used by the stomach and intestine to digest our food efficiently. Medical text and papers up to 1945 ish pronounced that healthy humans produced about 3 litres of gastric fluid each day with a pH of 1.   The contemporary medical equivalents suggest that typical stomach acid has a pH of 3 or 4.   This implies that the gastric fluids of contemporary “Westerners” are up one thousand times more dilute than the stomach acid levels of their great grandfathers. Gastric fluids with a pH of 1 will dissolve what gets to the stomach far more efficiently that stomach juices at a pH of 4.To produce 3 litres of hydrochloric acid with a pH of 1 requires a minimum of 17 grams of sodium chloride, preferably in the form of sea salt. There is practically no sodium chloride in fresh food and it must be added to food.  So important is sea salt to our diet that the human tongue is specifically designed to detect its presence.

Apart from people living in Japan, most people should supplement their diet with iodine, magnesium, boron and SUNSHINE.

One of the symptoms of being a well-balanced man is to have a fully functioning penis; one that is capable of engaging in sex, reproduction, urination and controlling urine flow.  From this thought comes the title of this blog.

The idea amused the child in me.  If the name of the website offends you, then please feel free to click on another site… I require no explanations of why you are offended and any such explanations will be PROMPTLY deleted.

The site has been laid out with a new tab for each of the models that I am using to navigate the experience that I am told to call “life”.

If you find these notes to be useful, then my job is done.  You are encouraged to leave comments.


With kind regards,

Frank McManus

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Uyguy Yguyg

    Your view on salt in diet is very interesting. From what I understand, the salt deficiency in humans happened mainly because of refrigeration technology and propaganda (anti white?).

    However, can you explain why do you recommend supplementing with magnesium, boron and iodine? What is the cause? Is it mineral deficiency of the soil?



    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      Hi Kris. Thanks for your interest.

      Magnesium is required for muscle function among other things. There are very few natural foods which contain magnesium. After chloride and sodium, magnesium is third abundant element in seawater. The need to supplement is mitigated if one uses magnesium rich sea salt. Another simple way to supplement is to bath in Epsom Salts or to take a few drops of magnesium chloride solution in coffee or tea etc. In japan, this solution is called “nigari” and is a very common supplement in that country.

      Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid function. In Japan, daily iodine intake is estimate to be between 1000 and 3000 micrograms per day, while in Australia the median intake is around 150 micrograms per day… lets say ten times less. Australia is considered to be mildly deficient in iodine. I consider this to be gross understatement and know personally of many people that have required medical intervention for thyroid dysfunction including surgery and thyroxine supplementation. In my view, the visual effect of this difference in iodine intake between the two populations is evident by looking at the necks of typical Australian and Japanese middle aged people. My personal experience is that an ever-present “water bottle” under my chin and thickened neck has been eliminated by increasing my iodine intake by having 3 drops of Lugol solution most days. Furthermore, there a many sources of BROMINE in the Australian diet, a substance which is antagonistic to the thyroid and more readily substitutes for iodine with disruptive consequences. This is greatly mitigated by iodine intake at Japanese levels. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3204293/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3204293/
      The presence of boron in contemporary food is said to be lower than that of food from say, the world war 2 era. During my time as an Operations Manager for a larger fertiliser distribution company boron supplementation was a common additive to correct soil deficiencies. There is a strong connection between chemical fertilizer usage and low boron levels in foodstuffs. More importantly, there is high coincidence of arthritis and poor boron intake. My personal experience is that I have no joint problems of any kind.. unlike most of the people I know of my age.
      Please note that I am not a Doctor and none of the above should be considered as medical advice.
      I look forward to your comments.


  2. Uyguy Yguyg

    I did some research and it turns out that hypothesis about deficient soil is probable. In the website below they say that “Most fertilizers applied on large agricultural operations include only nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and, at best, a small handful of other minerals”.

    On the website that you linked I have found one suspicious sentence “Chemical fertilizers inhibit the uptake of Boron from the soil”. That website endorses so called “organic/raw/unprocessed movement” which is highly questionable. You can read about it from the other point of view(links below). They probably add to fertilizers just enough boron and other elements to allow plants to grow and nothing above that.

    That website (biblelife) is interesting because it exposes vegan/vegetarian movement and the government propagated fear of saturated fats and cholesterol. This is in my opinion really important issue. Diet high in carbohydrates of ANY type will ruin human health.

    From my childhood, I had a terrible allergy. At the beginning it was food allergy with rash, later it transformed into a pollen allergy with swollen eyes, sneezing, runny nose. Standard antihistamine treatment and desensitization treatment with vaccines didn’t help much. However when I switched to low carbohydrate diet, high in animal products it really made a difference. Later I have found http://www.big-lies.org/ and read your article about salt (Now I can’t find it anymore but there is a video). After increasing salt intake my allergy is basically gone. There are only mild symptoms from time to time.

    It is notable to point out that authors of http://cheflynda.com and http://www.biblelife.org endorse paleo-eating movement. On both sites I have found information that sodium chloride is bad for health. It looks like paleo-diet is in line with the science today to eschew salt. They say probably that supposed paleolithic ancestors didn’t waste time to mine salt :).

    I agree that supplementing with iodine may be important. Governments of the world advocated to add little iodine to salt. However the main reason was to address the prevalence of Goitre. Added iodine may not be enough. Maybe, if plants were sown near the seashore they could accumulate enough iodine.

    So in summary it really may be expedient to supplement with magnesium, boron and iodine as you stated at the beginning. Another interesting thing about boron is that it can detoxify body from fluoride as stated in this article.
    Fluoride is toxic and it is added to water and most toothpastes. This is an interesting connection.

    PS: I also believe that the earth is flat and about several thousand years. The dinosaurs are fake and the powers that be are keeping the lid on the existence of giants and hiding their bones. My observations leaded me to think that we are living during/after sixth trumpet/plague and that the knowing of truth and doing the will of God is not by the will of man but of God.

    Regards Kris


    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      Kris it seems that our thinking is closely aligned. However, I do my best to avoid “believing” anything, as I think belief is irrational. I didn’t discuss fluoride that much in this website but you have prompted me to make the following points. The affinity of fluoride to participate in the bodily functions that should be using chloride is at least one order of magnitude higher.. perhaps more than one order of magnitude. When fluoride does act in these processes it causes dysfunction. Higher levels of chloride intake (through salt) mitigates this impact. Secondly, the toxicity of fluoride is acknowledged by the Lancet. Authorities suggest that a low level in drinking water is a “controlled dose”. This is clearly NEWSPEAK, as the amount of water that people take is uncontrolled as is the food which is grown with fluoridated water. I appreciate your discussion.


  3. Uyguy Yguyg

    The toxicity about added fluoride to water/toothpaste may be highly exaggerated. When you do a quick search in Google, one can find that it is really over-hyped and all over the place. It may be even an object of controlled/fake conspiracy theories. I think that chemtrails are one.

    I want to rise another topic. I remember, that you stated that by eating more salt your eyesight has improved. I assume that it was presbyopia, when someone needs plus lenses for reading/close work. How long did it take to improve? What was initial condition (diopters in glasses)? I think you said, that when someone is eating more salt the blood gets more diluted and it can reach tiny vessels. The standard theory of getting presbyopia is that lenses in eyes are hardening and they can’t be contracted by eye muscles(ciliary muscle).

    I ask, because about four years ago, I started to question standard treatment for eyesight problems. Back then I was wearing glasses -3D left eye and -4.75D right eye and -1.5CYL on both lens (myopia). However the total refractive error was probably worse (more of about -0.5D). Up to this day, I managed to reverse to a refractive error of -1.75D left eye and -3.5D right eye(measuring distance from eye to object when it starts blurring).
    There are not very much information about this topic on the Internet. The sites below are the examples.
    with forum section rehabilitation

    Basically the process of getting the refractive error(changing shape of an eye) is a mystery. It is however greatly facilitated by spending a lot of time reading/close work. However some people seem not to be affected much by this. I work in a scientific electrical engineering department which involves a lot of close work (e.g. soldering, reading/writing articles/project reports) and a lot of people don’t wear glasses.
    In Asia for example, high percentage of people wear glasses so medical community says it is genetic. However most fail to notice that their alphabet is much harder to learn and learning requires long hours of close starring at young age.

    To reverse a refractive error (theory from sites that I linked), one has to “work on a blur”. Person has to learn how to sharpen blurred images when he is looking close or far. Additional lenses help to bring this horizon to desirable distances. This process causes a little inflammation in the eye which is healing overtime (after waking up).
    This method has worked for me so far, however this healing process is really slow, about 0.75D to 0.25D per year. I am looking forward to discover whether eating more salt can somehow speed this up. I started to increase my salt intake recently. I forgot to mention that this eyesight business is really high profit.

    PS: I accidentally double posted previous reply. You can delete it.



    1. anounceofsaltperday Post author

      My model is that the maintenance of human capability requires regular and often vigorous exercises… use it or lose it. To maintain the body so that it is capable of exercise we need prayer, sunshine and nourishment. We need nourishment because exercise actually “injures” muscle with a series of microtears that are then healed by the properly nourished body via bloodflow.
      My view is that the functionality of the eyes is no different to any other muscular system in our bodies… they need exercise and nourishment. My exercises of choice are ball sports like badminton and table tennis etc, and by sungazing, reading in bright light and by moving around at night without lights. To maintain suitable blood flow to the capillary systems I ingest sea salt in excess of 17gms per day. The reasoning behind this is that higher salt intake will result in higher useful water content, thinner blood, higher blood bicarbonate levels, high chloride shift capability and better nutrition from properly digested food intake.
      At the age of 50 I was needing to wear glasses with 1.5 to 2 dioptre to read a menu or a newspaper. Now I don’t use glasses at all and I can read 6pt letters in bright light. In low light levels, I struggle a little. My eyesight continues to improve.



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